About Buffalo Music Club

About Buffalo Music Club

Our Vision

To create and foster a vibrant and sustainable local music scene by constantly reimagining the relationship between life, music, musicians, and the community within the city of Buffalo, its surrounding areas, and beyond.

Our Mission

To provide a reliable and curated touchpoint between professional Buffalo musicians, aspiring musicians of all levels, and the audience—fostering and supporting the artists of today while helping to create the artists of the future.

Our Teaching Ethos & Music Life Mentoring

We believe that the truest experience of music, no matter what style of music it is, comes from an exploration of the mind, heart, and body. As artists, it is our job to explore our own depths, uncovering as much of our musical selves as we can in a lifetime, and sharing what we find with the world. As teachers, it is our duty and privilege to guide and support others as they explore.

But Music Life Mentoring is what really makes Buffalo Music Club unique. No matter what your dreams are, our goal is always the same—to help you live your best music life. Throughout our music lessons and workshops, our expert artists draw from their real-life experiences, both on and off the stage, to offer carefully crafted mentoring customized for each student.

Our Artists

Each of our artists lives in the greater Buffalo area, and is actively working and making at least some of their living as a professional musician in Buffalo and beyond. They are all dedicated to their own artistic pursuits, and bring that dedication and energy to their teaching.

As musicians, they write, record, perform, and teach just about every style of music there is, on every instrument imaginable.

Due to COVID-19, all Buffalo Music Club activities will be conducted following CDC guidelines.

All of our artists are prepared and willing to work virtually.

Buffalo Music Club Featured in Buffalo Rising

In “Buffalo Music Club: Keeping Music Alive” (November 25, 2020), Judith Frizlen interviews David Cloyd and Eric Crittenden and gets the inside scoop about the origins and aspirations of this new kind of music company.

Founders & Leadership

Buffalo Music Club, LLC was founded in 2020 by David Cloyd and Eric “CRiTT” Crittenden. They continually draw upon their own personal experiences as professional working artists in order to evolve this virtual marketplace and help local artists provide multi-disciplinary instruction and guidance, music performances, and pro music services to people of all ages in the city of Buffalo, the surrounding area, and beyond.

David Cloyd - Artist - Buffalo Music Club

David Cloyd

Co-Founder | Director of Digital Operations


DAVID CLOYD has led what could only be called an eclectic music life. He began as a pianist at the age of 4, and he spent the next 20 years adamantly pursuing classical music as a multi-instrumentalist, completing his BM in Music Performance at the University of Texas at Austin. He then walked away from it all to become a singer-songwriter. Today, he is a solo recording artist with ECR Music Group in NYC, A&R of Hook & Ladder Records, and an actor, creator, writer, scoring composer, and producer on the web series Cloyd from PizzaDog Studios.

Eric Crittenden - Artist - Buffalo Music Club

Eric Crittenden

Co-Founder | Director of Analog Operations


As a touring performer for over 25 years, Eric Crittenden has shared the stage with the likes of Bob Weir and Mickey Hart of the Grateful Dead and the Dirty Dozen Brass Band. As a music educator, he has conducted over a hundred workshops and edutainment performances as a key force behind numerous arts education efforts, including the Buffalo Center for Arts and Technology. Today, his SUNY degrees (music performance and a Master’s of Education) have led him to teach music in the public school system of Buffalo, NY, where he continues to perform and dedicate his career to the local music scene and the youth in the community.