Fred Brown

Fred Brown

Fred Brown - Artist - Buffalo Music Club

Multi-Instrumentalist & Composer
Founder & Owner, Lowly Mountain Banjos

FRED BROWN has had an eclectic musical life experience. He grew up singing hymns in church and playing saxophone in the rural community band, which led to playing punk and hardcore guitar; classical composition; avant garde, noise, electroacoustic, and computer composition and performance; and lately to traditional American folk music performance and study. Somehow, it all flowed naturally from his perspective, though he has yet to discover the throughline.

His compositions are influenced heavily by non-musical sounds, finding organization in randomness and form in the inchoate, while his banjo playing rests firmly in the American oldtime and pre-bluegrass traditions. Whether you learn composition or banjo performance from him, he wants to help you find your own musical voice and enjoy a lifetime of listening.

He is also the founder of Lowly Mountain Banjos, where he works with clients to create truly unique instruments that reflect the player’s personality and aesthetic sensibility, specializing in earlier forms of the banjo including mountain banjos and gourd banjos.


Pro Music Credentials

  • Bachelor of Music in Music Composition from Houghton College Greatbatch School of Music
  • Associate in Science in Recording Arts from Full Sail University
  • Professional in audio production for music, picture, advertising, interactive media, and live performance since 2005
  • Music educator since 2010
  • Lifetime multi-instrumentalist and composer

Primary Influences

Anton Webern, György Ligeti, Björk, John Cage, Tommy Jerrell, Dink Roberts, Jean Ritchie, Elizabeth Cotton, philosophy, theology, family, nature

Work With Fred Brown

If you are interested in working with Fred Brown for pro music services, please email us at info@buffalomusicclub.com.

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