Vinny “VinVizeus” Bowers

Vinny “VinVizeus” Bowers

Vinny VinVizeus Bowers - Artist - Buffalo Music Club

Songwriter | Producer | Engineer
Founder & CEO, Work Art Entertainment
Music Business Consultant

VINNY “VinVizeus” BOWERS hails from very humble beginnings as a farm boy in the project housing of a small country town in Tennessee. He learned hard work and determination from his parents, and was inspired at an early age to do something great with music by his father, Eugene Hastings, a well-known drummer and songwriter. Even success as a state football champion, college football player for the University of Alabama, and arena football player couldn’t stop the music in his genes. So over the course of 15 years, Vinny cut his musical teeth, writing and producing with artist after artist across all musical genres—and that work has brought him to the global music scene.

Today, he is the founder and CEO of Work Art Entertainment, a record label whose releases are already impacting the music scene in Buffalo and beyond since just 2014. When it comes to writing and producing, he is not limited to one lane. “I have a drive that loves to cross genres,” says Vinny. “I hear tracks or bits of tracks that turn on a whirlwind of ideas and concepts that keep me up at night, hoping to connect with other artists who are the same and want to explore the unthinkable. Music to me is what feeling sounds like, so if it feels good and sounds good, then it is good.”

Over the years, Vinny has found that the biggest problem most music faces is that it’s simply not making it out to the masses. That’s definitely a huge driving force for him at Work Art Entertainment, where they work with the intention of being legendary—and helping others to do so as well. Having groomed several Buffalo artists to become avid and star songwriters and musicians, “VinVizeus” hopes to share his knowledge and experience to help and influence so many others that truly want to learn.

Pro Music Credentials

  • Founder and CEO of Work Art Entertainment since 2014
  • ProTools and Logic Pro X engineer
  • Degrees in Electronic Engineering, Computer Science, and Network Systems Engineering (4.0 GPA)
  • Owner of BM Associates, LLC and Bauer & Mack Management Publishing Company
  • Tae Kwon Do
  • VP at World Wide Round Ball Association
  • Executive and Trainer, Youth Basketball Academy

Primary Influences

I am influenced by artists like Prince, producer and songwriter (and my mentor) Daryl Delite Allamby, Eric B and Rakim, Run DMC, Silk, Shy, Puff Daddy, Jay Z, Sade, Darius Rucker, Keith Sweat, Ludacris, Avant, Jason Aldean, Beyonce, Metallica, White Snake, Public Enemy, Anthrax, Guns ‘N’ Roses, Iron Maiden, AC DC. Michael Jackson, Al Green, The Isley Brothers, Taylor Swift, Drake, Tyrese, Money Bag Yo, Alina Baraz, and many others.

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If you are interested in working with Vinny “VinVizeus” Bowers for pro music services, please email us at info@buffalomusicclub.com.