Music Lessons with Fred Brown

From: $30.00

Learn music with a pro audio production engineer, multi-instrumentalist (Asthmatic Kitty Records), composer, and founder & owner of Lowly Mountain Banjos.

Learn to think musically.

Music is what happens when we turn the deepest part of us into sound and organize it to communicate to others. To make music, we must understand that the sound is downstream from what is inside us, as well as know what we are trying to communicate. One-on-one composition lessons with me will focus on electroacoustic practices and include traditional and non-traditional notation and instrumentation, sound recording and manipulation, instrument invention and construction, and developing a personal music philosophy. Prospective students will benefit from already having a knowledge of western music theory and practices, but it is not a prerequisite. Banjo lessons will focus solely on oldtime playing styles and the associated tunes and the traditions, and learning how to develop a unique style within this context. Whether composition or performance, I believe music making is best learned as a two-way exchange of ideas toward a holistic musical understanding.

My Favorite Things to Teach

  • Instruments: Banjo (Oldtime)
  • Pursuits: Composition & Arranging, Live Sound, Music Life Mentoring, Recording & Audio Production
  • Styles: Folk, Traditional

Ages & Skill Levels

  • I work best with students of all ages
  • Beginner, intermediate, and advanced students are welcome

Availability & Rates

  • Lessons are currently conducted either virtually or at my studio in Orchard Park, NY (following CDC guidelines for safety)
  • Mondays–Thursdays: 7:00pm–11:00pm
  • Fridays: 10:00am–11:00pm
  • Saturdays: 8:00am–1:00pm
  • Sundays: 3:00pm–8:00pm
  • 30 minutes: $30
  • 60 minutes: $60

Use the calendar below to check upcoming availability and book your next lesson online. If there are no bookings available, or you need a different day or time, contact me at lowlymountainbanjos@gmail.com to discuss.

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About the Artist

About the Artist

FRED BROWN is a pro audio production engineer, multi-Instrumentalist (Asthmatic Kitty Records), composer, and founder & owner of Lowly Mountain Banjos. Pro music credentials include:

  • Bachelor of Music in Music Composition from Houghton College Greatbatch School of Music
  • Associate in Science in Recording Arts from Full Sail University
  • Professional in audio production for music, picture, advertising, interactive media, and live performance since 2005
  • Music educator since 2010
  • Lifetime multi-instrumentalist and composer

Primary musical influences include Anton Webern, György Ligeti, Björk, John Cage, Tommy Jerrell, Dink Roberts, Jean Ritchie, Elizabeth Cotton, philosophy, theology, family, and nature.
About the Artist