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A Collaborative Concert Series

MIXTAPES, a collaborative concert series produced by Buffalo Music Club and hosted by David Cloyd, seeks to bring artists together on stage for exciting one-time-only experiences.

As featured in the Buffalo News article “For David Cloyd, Buffalo Mixtapes project fulfills a long-held dream” by Jeff Miers (February 8, 2023)

Upcoming MIXTAPES Concerts

MIXTAPES #3 - David Cloyd, Grace Stumberg, Seth Glier, Buffalo String Collective - Buffalo Music Club

MIXTAPES #3: David Cloyd, Grace Stumberg, & Seth Glier with the Buffalo String Collective

Join singer-songwriters David Cloyd, Grace Stumberg, and Grammy-nominated Seth Glier for an evening at Ninth Ward as they share the stage, performing their original music like you’ve never experienced it before–with a string quartet.

Tickets on sale soon! $25 | $20 advance
A portion of ticket sales will be donated to Buffalo String Works. ...
Monday, October 9, 2023
8:00 pm - 10:00 pm
The Ninth Ward
341 Delaware Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14202
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