Music Lessons

Music Lessons

A New Kind of Music Teacher

The artists at Buffalo Music Club have dedicated their lives to writing, recording, and performing just about every style of music there is on every instrument imaginable, right here in Buffalo and beyond. And they’re ready to provide instruction and guidance across a wide variety of instruments, pursuits, and styles—PLUS music life mentoring to help you along your personal journey as a musician. All you have to do is pick something to explore.

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Due to COVID-19, all Buffalo Music Club activities will be conducted following CDC guidelines.

All of our artists are prepared and willing to work virtually.

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For Organizations

If your music education program could use a boost, get in touch with us. We would love to work with you to find the right artists and create engaging custom programs to fit your needs, including music lessons, workshops, performances, or any other creative ideas we might come up with together.

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For Individuals

If there’s anything that you want to learn about in our Buffalo Music Club lessons or workshops and you just can’t find it on our website, chances are one of our artists already does it. And we mean ANYTHING—bagpipes or beatboxing, mandolin or magic flute, zither or . . . well, you get the idea.

Buffalo Music Club - Gift Card

Buffalo Music Club Gift Cards—Just in Time for the Holidays!

Don’t just give the gift of music. Give the gift of the music life.

Having trouble finding the perfect gift for the aspiring musician in your life? Look no further than a Buffalo Music Club gift card. Gift cards can be redeemed toward the purchase of any of the music lessons or music workshops provided by our talented roster of professional Buffalo artists, or any future music performances or pro music services our artists may provide through Buffalo Music Club.